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And also for understanding that Jim's concern for Miri is not romantic, that him using her crush on him to calm her and convince her to let him help the Onlies was not an expression of interest in her but a strategic move. Some good Spirky moments as one would expect from a follow up to Requiem for Methuselah , but not central enough to be deemed "Spirktastic. Unassuming, but comforting in a way that only Star Trek is.

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Pretty much in the same vein as the other books from this series I've read lately This novel, set during the original Star Trek series, fails to capture the imagination and lacks both the characterization and subplots needed to work well. Klass captures the voices of Kirk, Spock and McCoy well enough, though some of their interactions read slightly off. Tying the story to two of the television episodes is a clever convention, however the connections are tenuous at best and the plot lacks intrigue or depth. Not horrible, but largely forgettable.

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Just nostalgia, though I was consistently under the impression that it would be a good way to start conversations to tell people I was reading a well-intentioned but cheesy Star Trek novel. More interesting to me than to them, it turned out. Nobody seemed to care about judging in the way that would have made it worth it. This book was no Miri, but it does try to continue that story, and that was why I struggled through to the end. Light reading, better at reminding you of the source material than telling a compelling new story. A renegotiation of a treaty between the Federation and Boaco VI is jeopardised when two centuries old children from Juram V a planet where Captain Kirk saved a girl named Miri from dying have stolen a highly experimental Starfleet cloaking device designed by the immortal Flint.

Klass' novel is sabotaged somewhat by the strong links to two episodes of 'Star Trek', neither of which sit particularly well together and neither of which have anything but a tangential connection to the main story. Dec 31, Will Nelson rated it it was ok. Ugh, there were like three plotlines that barely connected to each other, which was frustrating, and McCoy's personality started out incredibly shaky though he got more like himself by the end. An enjoyable read that felt true to the characters but there were an awful lot of different threads ongoing.

Sep 18, Mike Crate rated it it was ok Shelves: scifi , star-trek. The Cry of the Onlies incorporates elements from the original series episodes "Miri" and "Requiem for Methuselah" and considering how I have said in the past I like novels which expand upon the series I wonder why this one didn't quite shine as bright in my eyes. The core story is a rather bleak look at a failing of the Federation in their support of a corrupt and despotic regime on the planet Broaco VI driven by the galaxies need for a medicinal raw material harvested from this world's forests. The Romulans and Klingons are sniffing around as well after the regime was toppled during a coup and the new ruling council have little interest in dealing with the "corrupt" Federation.

To complicate matters a Starfleet craft equipped with a new cloaking device designed by Flint was stolen by some of the "youngsters" from Miri's world and has gone on a rampage destroying ships whenever it comes across them. Kirk is forced to contend with the scepticism of the Broaco VI council, the renegade ship, placating the ruling body of Broaco VIII and the notion that there is something about Flint he does not like but can understand why In many ways the story reflects circumstances of our world where maybe well meaning or indifferent organisations have supported governments with aid without looking too closely what they do with it as long as resources continue to flow back to the "enlightened" world.

This part of the story is pure Star Trek and works well but unfortunately gets tied up a little too quickly and is diluted by the "Flint" and "Onlies" plot lines. It's by no means a weak Star Trek novel but I wonder if Judy had concentrated totally on Broaco VI and the darker side of vested interests I would have enjoyed the novel more but than again the market for Trek novels was different back then compared to now.

Jul 05, Tobias rated it liked it. Judy Klass — Der Boacozwischenfall Capt. Auf dem Planeten fand vor kurzem eine Revolution statt und das alte Regime wurde abgesetzt. Nach und nach bessert sich aber das Klima zwischen der Crew der Enterprise und den Ministern der neuen Regierung. Anscheinend vom einen Starfleet Kreuzer. Aber war es wirklich ein Kreuzer der Sternenflotte oder stecken die Klingonen und Romulaner hinter dem Angriff, da diese ebenfalls an dem Planeten interessiert sind. Aber vielleicht soll es auch so sein, da das Verhalten der "Kleinlinge" auch etwas wirr ist.

Die Charaktere verhalten sich so, wie ich es gewohnt bin. Nov 14, Conan Tigard rated it liked it.

The Cry of the Onlies based on the science fiction television show that ran for three years from to This book takes place after the third year of their original five-year mission. Star Trek is supposed to be a space western. It always has been and it is what the fan expect. I found this a little disappointing.

We all love Captain Kirk and his wild side, something Captain Picar The Cry of the Onlies based on the science fiction television show that ran for three years from to We all love Captain Kirk and his wild side, something Captain Picard never really had. We love the fights and the action. Most of that is missing from this story. Yes, the tie into to the two television episodes is a lot of fun, and it was nice to visit those worlds again, but I felt something was missing from this story.

I must admit that the story does peak, but it is over so fast you barely have time to get excited. Sep 18, Paul Lunger rated it it was ok. This council is of kids similar to the children on Miri's planet. We've also got the re-introduction of the children from Miri's world that solve part of the plot itself.

The conclusion is a bit rushed which doesn't help. Overall skip this sequel unless you're a die-hard fan Jan 06, Ann rated it liked it. I have fond memories of this book it was the first ST novel purchased for me and also the first one I ever read but in hindsight I realize there are a few point lacking in this novel. A few other reviewers also made note of these concerns, including the fact we never find out if Kirk retrieves or recalls his memories of Rayna from the Original Series episode Requiem for Methuselah and we are not given a proper memorial scene for Miri.

We find out she has died during events leading up to thos I have fond memories of this book it was the first ST novel purchased for me and also the first one I ever read but in hindsight I realize there are a few point lacking in this novel. We find out she has died during events leading up to those that occur in the novel. Overlooking these points, however, I have to say the novel as a whole is quite good from a ST novel perspective. Klass is a decent writer and the scenes from Boaca Six are fantastic.

She even manages to weave in character elements from the series quite well - most notably Dr. I'd guesstimate i have about books of nothing but star trek fiction. Joined: Mar 1, Location: UK. Here is a list off all my books. James R. Avatar II, Perry,S. Shatnerverse In order to prevent confusion, those novels written in collaboration between the Reeves-Stevens and William Shatner have been set aside in their own continuity.

Insurrection, Dillard, J. Nemesis, Dillard, J. I own all the Ballentine, Bantem and Pocket fiction books made for adults. Pretty much only thing I believe I'm missing is the YA books and the vast majority of technical manuals and the making of series type books, that kind of thing. I don't even want to guess how many books that is.

When I read enough of the books to fill a big box I put it in the garage.

The Cry of the Onlies

Joined: Nov 28, Location: The Draco tavern. I now have moved back into my parents place. Everything licensed and a fair slab of unlicensed ST factual books. Therin of Andor , Feb 4, Almost Unique , Feb 4, Joined: May 20, Location: Heart of Dixie. Federation , etc. I took a picture of my Trek bookcase four shelves with double-and triple-stacked novels , but to get the whole thing I went for distance, and so it's blurry.

My dream is a tall bookcase with room for an Enterprise model on the top shelf, flanked by a couple of little action figures. A simple act of self-defence. Or was it?. But more is at stake than Kirk's life. No collection of Star Trek books is complete without this one. No torn or folded pages not brittle.

Ancient Blood - Diane Carey. But honor demands its price. Worf finds his honor tested when he goes undercover to infiltrate.

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Along with. Publisher: Pocket Books Condition Notes: Minimal, if any, reading wear. Black Fire No. Condition is Like New. Number line on publication page indicates a first edition and first printing book. The book has paginated pages. I hope you'll look forward to my other listings and other books items at my store Sch Thank You.

The Cry of the Onlies by Judy Klass

Trek To Madworld - Stephen Goldin. Publisher: Bantam Books Condition Notes: Has reading wear.

Balance of Terror #4 - Star Trek - The Original Series

Wear to covers and spine. Text and pages clean and unmarked, with toning. Has age, shelf and handling wear. Condition :Good for age. Fully intact. I want this experience to be pleasant for you. From review: Federation technology still contains bullets, and why do the Enterprise's doors suddenly have knobs to open them???. And yet, this book was worth reading again. The author makes it exciting and it holds one's interest very well.